Add Outlook PST Software

Software Guide: Know How to Add PST file to Outlook

System Necessities

system requirements   Ms Outlook : Any version of Microsoft Outlook 2016 (2012, 2010, 2007 etc) should be installed.

system requirements   Windows : All major versions Microsoft Windows OS including Windows 10

Add Outlook PST software intuitive interface and is designed to make the attachment process accurate and easy. For example, if want to attach PST files to Outlook using "Import and Export" option provided by MS Outlook and you have multiple PST file. Using the manual process it is impossible to add multiple PST file to Outlook at one time. But Add PST Software provides the very time saving feature that is multiple addition of PST file into Outlook.

Step 1

Install (Not yet Installed) and Launch the Add Outlook PST Software to Add PST files to Outlook. The Launched screen will various options on the top left there is Button to Add files, Search files, Remove and Remove all.

Add Outlook PST Software Front
Step 2

Click on Add File Button to add PST file in Add Outlook PST Software that you what to import or add to Outlook. With help of search option you can easily locate your PST files if it is located at some other place in your system.

In the Location

Browse to add PST

And make sure that there no corrupt PST files.

Step 3

Make the selection to add PST file when you are the location from where you want to import PST to Outlook.

Select to import PST file to Outlook

Step 4

Click on Add PST files button to import PST to Outlook in listed selection of PST file.

add PST to outlook

Step 5

Within couple of seconds, all the selected PST files will be added to your Outlook profile. Click OK when the process is completed.

Process to import PST to Outlook

Step 6


Now, Exit Add Outlook PST after the work is done.

Exit Add Outlook PST Software

Step 7

You can check out the added PST files in MS Outlook.

Check the attach PST file

Pros and cons of using Add Outlook PST Software.


1 User can quickly add PST files in safe mode.

2 Advanced search feature provide user to search Outlook PST files located anywhere else in the computer system.

3 Can Add Multiple PST files at one time.

4 Add Outlook PST can import both ANSI and UNICODE PST file for all version of Outlook.


1 Corrupt PST files is note supported by Add Outlook PST.

2 Read mode is not enabled within the software.

3 Trial version of Add PST software can only import 10 MB file only.

Note : If you have got corrupt PST files PST Recovery Software is recommended.